Thank you to all who attended the Final Fly-In at the Park Township Airport. In a few short weeks the airport will be gone forever. A very sad day for aviation and everyone in Holland who loves it. Please see Tom Aardema’s video “Eulogy for a small airport” and Brian Hoatlin’s drone video excerpts .  PTAHA will post more photos from the Final Fly-In soon.

Park Township Airport 1937 – 2020 RIP

Email letter from Tom Aardema on Monday June 15, 2020


Thanks go to you Bob and all those who tried so very hard to save our airport. We lost, the opposition won. I can’t tell you how very sad this travesty makes me feel.

For many of us supporters, the myopic voter decision to close will never be forgiven or forgotten.

Many who voted against keeping the airport open are likely relatively new to the township and thus have no emotional connection to the airport and could not see the value in paying a miniscule tax increase for its maintenance.  “What’s in it for me” kind of thinking. What is in it for them is increased car parking space near the township office, for starters.

A video I produced, “Eulogy for a small airport”, tells the story of how I, one old timer from Waukazoo, feel about it.  Check it out on my YouTube channel at: 

I understand that many residents are deeply regretful of the destruction of an area icon. Bulldozing the runway is an exceptionally cruel and heartless act. I do not want to be there when they do it because I know this old 81 year old guy will cry. I wouldn’t be alone either.

To see a paved township car parking lot there will be the deepest cut and every time I drive by the area, its symbol of “overwhelming suburban creep“ will reignite my anger and add salt to the wound.

Park Township does not need more bike paths, more soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, tennis courts, skateboard courts and 100 new condos, with landscaping. And retail stores. Think of the revenue possibilities with all the acreage! Developers and planners are already gleefully putting pencil to paper. Wait and see. A sacrilege.

Please feel free to share my video with anyone you wish.

Best of luck again and thank you for you steadfast involvement and leadership in your efforts to sustain the heritage.

Tom Aardema

Click on the video below to hear Annie Olson tell her story about learning to fly at the Park Township Airport over 60 years ago.

Save the airport video below.

Airpark Vision Plan

This is the overall AirPark plan. All of the features are listed on the sidebar, use your magnifying glass! Please learn about and support the AirPark plan!  The N.W. corner is combined with the Cooper VanWieren property to form hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.

Friends of the Park Township Airport Historical Association hope to see the location revitalized with exciting new opportunities and facilities for all residents of the area.

Close Up of AirPark S.E. Park Area

This is a close-up view of the S.E. park area including, splash pad, viewing area, student observatory, Chief Waukazoo memorial, pond, soccer field, pilot memorials, jet memorial, playground, drone racing course, prairie restoration trail, restrooms, multipurpose community building. Learn more about the plan and support it!

Boeing 80A at Park Township in 1937
Local Students Fly the Redbird Flight Simulator
The Community Hangar with Pilot Memorial
The Historic Hangar Today – Hoping for Restoration
Civil Air Patrol Squadron MI-135 Stationed at Park Twp Airport

Flight Path

Administrative offices

388 Garden Ave
Suite 140, Holland, MI 49424